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I cannot say enough good things about Bill and Linda Cagan.Our dog Sam goes several days a week for daycare, and sometimes for overnight vacations when we travel.  He has been a regular at Bedford K9 resort since he was just a few months old. A year and a half later, he is still dancing and wagging his tail with excitement every time we turn toward their road which lets me know how much he loves going.Bill sends great pictures every day and we can see how much fun he is having playing with his dog friends.  It brings such peace of mind knowing that Sam is not only safe, but played with and well cared for. I know that he is loved and treated like one of their own.  Bedford K9 resort, is not just like a second home, Bill and Linda are like Sam’s second family. Finding them has truly been a blessing!


I have been bringing my Golden Retriever, Zander to Bedford K-9 Resort since hew as a puppy.  He's 3 years old now, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with him when we go away! I know that Bill and Linda are taking great care of him-and I know he's having a great time too! They keep me updated with pictures and texts of how he's doing throughout his stay and I never worry about him while we are gone - who needs stress while away on vacation! Bedford K-9 Resort offers that benefit!

Not only do I know that Zander is having fun, but he's also in a safe environment.  Bill & Linda open their lovely home to all their borders, but they also make sure to keep it safe.  I have observed how they run things occasionally while I have dropped off or picked up Zander - and it couldn't be more calm and organized environment - not a small feat while boarding many dogs!

In addition to the safe, "homey" and fun environment Bedford K-9 Resort offers, Linda is a certified pet trainer! She helped me train Zander from learning the basics in puppy kindergarten, through, intermediate, and advanced dog training all the way up through achieving his Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) certification and is now a Certified Therapy Dog.  Linda knows her stuff when it comes to training dogs and dog behavior!

If you want your dog(s) to be treated like they are at home, don't look further than Bedford K-9 Resort!! I can't recommend them enough!

We recently adopted a new puppy, and she has already had her first (of many) stay at Bedford K-9 Resort !

Sincerely,  ~ Chris Kane and family  

We have been bringing our beloved yellow lab Seeley to Bedford K-9 Resort for 2 years and we love it, especially Seeley!!

Linda is an incredible dog trainer and Seeley took all of his training classes with her.  When we found out about Bedford K-9 resort, it was a natural fit for us and Seeley was immediately comfortable with Linda, because he loves her too!!

I travel a lot for work, mostly over the weekends and if it wasn't for the expert care and attention that Bill and Linda give Seeley I could not do my job - at all!!  I usually pickup the dog from Bill and Linda on Sunday nights and I am happy to say that I have a happy and tired dog to bring home. (Bill looks a little tire too!) I know that while he is there he is getting love and attention and he is playing with the other dogs.

We get a lot of joy from the photos they send to my phone of Seeley playing with the other dogs, or swimming, or even just napping.  It does our heart good to see he is having fun!!

I would strongly recommend Bedford K-9 Resort to anyone that wants the best care for their's a no brainer !!

Signed - Santa and Seeley

Linda and Bill I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for helping us with Molly this past year. It gives us such comfort to know that she is so well loved and taken care of when we can't be with her. We have seen Molly blossom into a more secure and less fearful dog. Your guidance is invaluable!

Laura Tyers
Brin Realty Group

I have had the opportunity to board my dog at the Bedford K-9 Resort. I have a Sheltie (Honey Boy) that is a year old now. I had brought him in for training where Linda works and because of her professional attitude and knowledge of dogs I checked out her boarding facility. Linda and Bill board the dogs at their home. If my dog can not be with me I think he enjoys being at their home as the next best thing. I guess I confirmed this when I went to pick up my dog after boarding him and Bill let him out of the fenced in area out back. Honey Boy ran to me and then to Bill. That said a lot to me about how well he was cared for. If anyone wanted to contact me concerning my experience with the Bedford K-9 Resort I would be glad to be a reference. They even are nice to you when you call on a daily basis to see how your dog is doing :)                                            Maureen Matarese

Abby loves visiting Bill and Linda......We were very comfortable leaving Abby with them when we spent a week in Florida......She was part of their family....

 Bob and Barbara Plamondon

Abby, my Service Dog, is closer to me in many ways than anyone and I could not leave her just anyplace. From my experiences other kennels are just that; places where we leave our pets for times we cannot care for them.  Linda has been Abby's trainer for over a year. I know her to be a person who cares for animals as much as I do Abby. After I visited her home I was so impressed at the atmosphere I found that is missing everywhere else. Abby was able to "live" in her home while I was away. The care and atmosphere are completely unlike anything I have found in the past. I know, while she is there, Abby's probably sprawled out in the living room with Bill and not in a cage. My comfort level is absolutely complete with Linda and Bill caring for Abby.
 John P. Penso